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Chrome 1'' Handlebar For Harley Davidson Touring Road King Glide Sportster XL US

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Condition: 100% Brand New

Color: Chrome

Material: High Quality Iron

Note: Please allow the deviation dimensions as we measured manually

Tube Diameter: 1"

Width: 25.7"

Pull Back: 9.6"

Center Width: 7.5"

Feature: High class quality and very durable, Good Working Condition and Easy to Install.

Package included:


1 x handlebar


Fit For Harley Davidson  Sportster XL, Softail, Dyna,Road King FLHR,and other.

Buyer needs to check the application according to the measurement above.

Fit For Disc Glide Willie G Special FXDG : 1983

Fit For Dyna Defender FXDP : 2001–2004

Fit For Dyna Low Rider Convertible FXDS-CONV : 1994–2000

Fit For Dyna Low Rider EFI FXDLI : 2004–2006

Fit For Dyna Low Rider FXDL : 1993–2005, 2007–2017

Fit For Dyna Street Bob EFI FXDBI : 2006

Fit For Dyna Street Bob FXDB : 2007–2017

Fit For Dyna Street Bob FXDBB : 2015–2016

Fit For Dyna Street Bob FXDBP : 2013–2016

Fit For Dyna Super Glide 35th Anniversary EFI FXDI35 : 2006

Fit For Dyna Super Glide Custom Anniversary FXDC : 2013

Fit For Dyna Super Glide Custom EFI FXDCI : 2005–2006

Fit For Dyna Super Glide Custom FXDC : 1992, 2005, 2007–2014

Fit For Dyna Super Glide CVO FXDSE : 2007

Fit For Dyna Super Glide CVO FXDSE2 : 2008

Fit For Dyna Super Glide Daytona FXDB-D : 1992

Fit For Dyna Super Glide EFI FXDI : 2004–2006

Fit For Dyna Super Glide FXD : 1995–1997, 1999–2005, 2007–2010

Fit For Dyna Super Glide Sport EFI FXDXI : 2004–2005

Fit For Dyna Super Glide Sport FXDX : 2000–2005

Fit For Dyna Super Glide Sturgis FXDB-S : 1991

Fit For Dyna Super Glide T-Sport FXDXT : 2001–2003

Fit For Dyna Switchback FLD : 2012–2016

Fit For Dyna Wide Glide CVO FXDWG2 : 2001

Fit For Dyna Wide Glide CVO FXDWG3 : 2002

Fit For Dyna Wide Glide EFI FXDWGI : 2004–2006

Fit For Dyna Wide Glide FXDWG : 1993–2005, 2007–2008

Fit For Electra Glide Anniversary FLH : 1978

Fit For Electra Glide Classic FLHC : 1979–1981

Fit For Electra Glide Classic Side Car FLHCE : 1979–1981

Fit For Electra Glide FLH : 1970–1978, 1981–1984

Fit For Electra Glide FLH-74 : 1980

Fit For Electra Glide FLH-80 : 1978–1980

Fit For Electra Glide FLHF : 1970–1975

Fit For Electra Glide Heritage FLH : 1981

Fit For Electra Glide Police FLHP : 1981

Fit For Electra Glide Police FLHP-74 : 1979–1980

Fit For Electra Glide Police FLHP-80 : 1979–1980

Fit For Electra Glide Police FLP : 1971–1972, 1974–1975

Fit For Electra Glide Sport FLHS : 1977, 1980–1984

Fit For Low Rider FXS : 1977–1978, 1981–1982

Fit For Low Rider FXS-74 : 1979–1980

Fit For Low Rider FXS-80 : 1979–1980

Fit For Low Rider FXSB : 1983–1985

Fit For Softail Custom FXSTC : 1984–1999, 2007–2010

Fit For Softail Deluxe EFI FLSTNI : 2005–2006

Fit For Softail Deluxe FLSTN : 2006–2015

Fit For Softail Deuce CVO FXSTDSE : 2003

Fit For Softail Deuce CVO FXSTDSE2 : 2004

Fit For Softail Deuce EFI FXSTDI : 2001–2006

Fit For Softail Deuce FXSTD : 2000–2007

Fit For Softail Fat Boy EFI FLSTFI : 2001–2006

Fit For Softail Fat Boy FLSTF : 1990–2006

Fit For Softail Heritage Classic Anniversary FLSTC : 2013

Fit For Softail Heritage Classic EFI FLSTCI : 2001–2006

Fit For Softail Heritage Classic FLSTC : 1987–2015

Fit For Softail Heritage EFI FLSTI : 2006

Fit For Softail Heritage FLST : 1986–1990, 2005–2006, 2008–2010

Fit For Softail Night Train EFI FXSTBI : 2001–2006

Fit For Softail Night Train FXSTB : 1998–2009

Fit For Softail Nostalgia FLSTN : 1993–1996

Fit For Softail Slim FLS : 2012–2015

Fit For Softail Standard EFI FXSTI : 2001–2006

Fit For Softail Standard FXST : 1984–1990, 1999–2015

Fit For Sportster 1000 Café Racer XLCR1000 : 1977–1978

Fit For Sportster 1000 Electric Start Anniversary XLH1000 : 1978

Fit For Sportster 1000 Electric Start XLH1000 : 1974–1981, 1985

Fit For Sportster 1000 Kick Start XLCH1000 : 1973–1979

Fit For Sportster 1000 Roadster XLS1000 : 1979–1983, 1985

Fit For Sportster 1000 Touring XLT1000 : 1977–1978

Fit For Sportster 1000 XLX1000 : 1983–1985

Fit For Sportster 1000 XR-1000 : 1983–1985

Fit For Sportster 1100 Electric Start Anniversary XLH1100 : 1987

Fit For Sportster 1100 Electric Start XLH1100 : 1986–1987

Fit For Sportster 1200 50th Anniversary XL50 : 2007

Fit For Sportster 1200 Custom Anniversary XL1200C : 2013

Fit For Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200C : 2004–2020

Fit For Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200CA : 2013–2016

Fit For Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200CB : 2012–2017

Fit For Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200CP : 2011–2016

Fit For Sportster 1200 Custom XLH1200C : 1996–2003

Fit For Sportster 1200 Fort-Eight Special XL1200XS : 2020

Fit For Sportster 1200 Forty-Eight Anniversary XL1200X : 2018

Fit For Sportster 1200 Forty-Eight Special XL1200XS : 2018–2019

Fit For Sportster 1200 Forty-Eight XL1200X : 2010–2020

Fit For Sportster 1200 Iron XL1200NS : 2018–2020

Fit For Sportster 1200 Low XL1200L : 2007–2011

Fit For Sportster 1200 Nightster XL1200N : 2007–2012

Fit For Sportster 1200 Roadster XL1200CX : 2016–2020

Fit For Sportster 1200 Roadster XL1200R : 2004–2009

Fit For Sportster 1200 Seventy-Two XL1200V : 2012–2016

Fit For Sportster 1200 Sport XLH1200S : 1996–2003

Fit For Sportster 1200 Standard XLH1200 : 1988–2003

Fit For Sportster 1200 SuperLow XL1200T : 2014–2017

Fit For 883 Custom XL883C : 2004–2009

Fit For Sportster 883 Custom XLH883C : 1998–2003

Fit For Sportster 883 Deluxe XLH883 : 1988–1995

Fit For Sportster 883 Hugger XLH883 : 1988–2003

Fit For Sportster 883 Iron XL883N : 2010–2020

Fit For Sportster 883 Low XL883L : 2005–2010

Fit For Sportster 883 Roadster XL883R : 2005–2015

Fit For Sportster 883 Roadster XLH883R : 2002–2003

Fit For Sportster 883 Standard XL883 : 2004–2009

Fit For Sportster 883 Standard XLH883 : 1986–2003

Fit For Sportster 883 SuperLow XL883L : 2011–2020

Fit For Sturgis Belt FXB : 1980–1982

Fit For Super Glide Custom FXRC : 1985

Fit For Super Glide Disc Glide FXRDG : 1984

Fit For Super Glide Electric Start FXE : 1974–1984

Fit For Super Glide Fat Bob FXEF : 1980–1985

Fit For Super Glide Fat Bob FXEF-74 : 1979

Fit For Super Glide Fat Bob FXEF-80 : 1979

Fit For Super Glide FXR : 1986–1994

Fit For Super Glide FXR2 : 1999

Fit For Super Glide FXR3 : 1999

Fit For Super Glide FXR4 : 2000

Fit For Super Glide Grand Touring FXRD : 1986

Fit For Super Glide II FXR : 1982–1985

Fit For Super Glide Kick Start FX : 1971–1978

Fit For Super Glide Low Rider Anniversary FXRS : 1988

Fit For Super Glide Low Rider Convertible FXRS-CONV : 1989–1993

Fit For Super Glide Low Rider Custom Anniversary FXLR : 1987

Fit For Super Glide Low Rider Custom FXLR : 1987–1994

Fit For Super Glide Low Rider FXRS : 1982–1992

Fit For Super Glide Low Rider Sport FXRS-SP : 1987–1993

Fit For Super Glide Police FXRP : 1984–1994

Fit For Super Glide Sport Glide FXRT : 1983–1992

Fit For Tour Glide Classic FLTC : 1981–1983

Fit For Tour Glide FLT : 1980–1984

Fit For Touring Electra Glide Sport FLHS : 1987–1993

Fit For Touring Road Glide EFI CVO FLTRSEI : 2000

Fit For Touring Road Glide EFI CVO FLTRSEI2 : 2001

Fit For Touring Road Glide EFI FLTRI : 1998–2006

Fit For Touring Road Glide FLTR : 1998–2003, 2007

Fit For Touring Road King Classic EFI FLHRCI : 1998–2006

Fit For Touring Road King Classic FLHRC : 2007

Fit For Touring Road King Custom EFI FLHRSI : 2004–2006

Fit For Touring Road King Custom FLHRS : 2004–2007

Fit For Touring Road King EFI FLHRI : 1996–2006

Fit For Touring Road King FLHR : 1994–2007

Fit For Touring Road King Police CA EFI FLHPEI : 2005–2006

Fit For Touring Road King Police CA FLHPE : 2007

Fit For Touring Road King Police EFI FLHPI : 1996, 2002–2003, 2005–2006

Fit For Touring Road King Police FLHP : 1997–2000, 2007

Fit For Fit For Touring Tour Glide Classic Anniversary FLTC : 1988

Fit For Touring Tour Glide Classic FLTC : 1984–1992

Fit For Touring Tour Glide FLT : 1985–1986

Fit For Touring Tour Glide Ultra Classic EFI FLTCUI : 1996

Fit For Touring Tour Glide Ultra Classic FLTCU : 1989–1995


Fit For Wide Glide FXWG : 1980–1986

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"Looks Awesome On The Bike, Best Prices Around Not To Mention Fast Delivery, A++"

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"Smooth transaction item was shipped on time."

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"EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED!! I Ordered One Day and Less than 48 hrs later They Were At MY DOOR! WAS afraid we would Not be able to ride this Week-end as our mirror stem broke in half and smashed on road. Gentleman stated OH - WE CAN'T HAVE THAT! SAID He Would Get In Mail A.S.A.P! Ordered Tuesday Afternoon Around 2ish and they were at my door THURSDAY Morning!! Will DEFINITELY KEEP INFO AND PURCHASE FROM MOTO LIFE PRODUCTS AGAIN!!"

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